Howdy, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Are y’all ready for yer first organizational challenge?  These tasks are based on the items I come across most often scattered around homes.  (This first task was actually the impetus for this entire series-I found every home sprinkled with medications and vitamins and first aid items throughout). If you missed last week’s announcement about this 16-week challenge, you can find it here.

I’ve taken to asking my clients “How can we make this easy and fun?”  In that spirit, I’m challenging you to participate in these simple treasure hunts for 16 weeks, after which you’ll find yourself with a serene, uncluttered space!  It starts now.

Put 10 minutes on the clock, and Get Ready…Get set…GO!

1. Grab a bag or box and lasso all your vitamins, medications, cold and flu meds, cough drops, pain delivers, first aid supplies, etc.  Hint-don’t forget your purse, kitchen drawers, linen closet, bathroom cabinets, and travel stashes.

2. Gather all items in one place and spread out the whole kit-and-caboodle.  Check for duplicates and expiration dates.

3.  Keep only what is still good and relevant to your life.  Hint: Make a note of what has expired so you know what to replenish.

4. Decide on a home for these items that makes sense. (While I generally recommend consolidating, it is entirely possible that you may have different homes for some of these items-vitamins near your breakfast cereal so you remember to take it in the morning and some Advil in your purse in case you need it one afternoon.  The point, friends, is that the placement of these items is intentional–you can find them when you need them, and they will find their way back easily to where they belong.

Time’s Up!  Kick off your boots and congratulate yourself on completing your first challenge.

Bonanza Bonus: 
Give yourself a pat on the back if you identified a specific item that you’ve bought over and over again without realizing it, scattering them all over the house.  (My money’s on the Band-Aids).  Now that you know you have enough to supply a small army and can cool it for a bit.  Spend that money on a treat for yourself or a friend, or better yet, save it 🙂


For the more adventurous lot, take the next step in this challenge.  Complete your challenge with the title of most organized cowboy (or cowgirl) in this town with these recommended organization tips and supplies:

1. Use bins in your medicine cabinet to organize and display items you need easy access to.  Make-up, first aid, and meds can all be easily found when they’re organized like this in a central location, and will find their way back home when there’s a designated landing place.

2. Create a first aid station with everything you need in one place.  Make it easy to get to, and make sure everyone in the family knows where to find it.

3. For smaller items that tend to collect in junk drawers or the bottom of your purse, opt for these small cases.  Easy to see through and easy to label.  Cold and flu supply too bulky with all those boxes?  Put the pills in these canisters, and label with the contents and directions for the medication stored inside so you can ditch the manufacturer’s boxes.

Happy trails and happy organizing!