Welcome back to our current organizing campaign, in which I’m addressing the most common, simplest organizational issues my clients come across.  I’ll offer 2 solutions to every problem–1 strategy, and 1 product.  So whether you’re looking for a do-it-yourself approach or an easy ready-made fix, my intention is to offer you a simple solution to a common problem in your space.

Common Problem #4: Handbooks & Manuals
Like cockroaches, handbooks and manuals tend to scatter to every corner of your home.  Enough!  It’s time to set up a system for your reference materials where they can be easily accessed.

1. Gather all your handbooks, manuals, and reference guides
2. Toss anything that isn’t current.  Sort the rest by category (electronics, appliances, kitchen, etc)
3. Store your handbooks in these sorted categories.  I suggest a file for each category, or a binder for your collection of handbooks, with tabs labeling the categories. (see mine below)

Try this greeting card organizer for your handbooks and manuals.  Dividers make it easy to label and store everything in its designated category

(Click on the images for more details and links to the products)

Encountering an especially uncooperative collection of handbooks and manuals?  Shoot me an email and I’m happy to help!

Happy Organizing!