Common Problem #6: Bags

Every household has this problem. Bags–everywhere. At first I thought it was a quirky New York thing, a symptom of our lifestyle that relies on toting everything with us, as a turtle carries his shell. But I’m seeing it in the suburbs, too. It’s time to tame these bag “collections.”


1. Choose an amount that feels necessary and appropriate. Don’t base it off of how many you have–decide how much space you can afford to give this collection and how many you realistically need and any given moment.

2. Discard any paper and plastic bags that are overflow, and donate canvas/reusable bags. Hint: use these reusable bags to tote items for donating. I suggest always having an ongoing “donation station”, and these canvas totes are the perfect container, plus this systems gets surplus bags out of the house!

3. Choose where your bags will live. Somewhere that’s easy to access. Find a container (could be the largest bag) and keep only what fits in that container. Containers are natural limit-setters, so when you exceed the container you know it’s time to pare down again.

Common Problem #5: BagsCommon Problem #5: Bags


Try this Grocery Bag Holder on the back of a lower kitchen cabinet door.
(Click on the image for more details and links to the product)

Grocery Bag Holder

Encountering an especially uncooperative bag collection? Shoot me an email and I’m happy to help!