Happy Labor Day! 

I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend.   Sitting by the lake this morning, feeling the expansiveness of the Adirondacks, reflecting on a wonderful summer, and knowing how full our lives are about to be, I had the urge to create something for you that would make it easier than ever to get and stay organized.

Whether you see September 1st as an exciting back-to-school time, a slow march to the holiday season, or summer’s end, this is undoubtedly a time of possibility, of potential.  I’d like to offer you the chance to do something you may have never done before, which is to surprise and delight yourself with the gift of an organized home.

Starting next week, I’ll lead you through a 16-week scavenger hunt, designed to help you reduce needless labor and stress stemming from a disorganized space. Each week, you’ll be given a simple, 10 minute task that on its own is just one piece of the puzzle, but when it’s all done, will lead to a grand accomplishment.  Newsletters will be weekly on Monday mornings, and they will be short and sweet.  In response to many readers who tell me they love what I recommend but never find themselves implementing any of it, consider this your call to action, my challenge to you. 🙂  Set aside a 10-minute block of time each week to actually ACT on the prompts I give you.  Write it in your calendar now.  I pledge to make organizing your space simple, and all I ask is for you to join me.

Those of you who know me know I love a good theme.  Well, cowboys and cowgirls, the theme for this round-up will be taming the Wild West of your cluttered space.  So saddle up and hitch your wagon to mine for the journey of creating a space you want to embrace.  Be on the lookout next Monday morning for your first scavenger hunt challenge.  Yee haw!