Breakup Organizing

Breakup Organizing

Breakup organizing was born out of my own journey of healing through organizing.

I had gone through a deeply painful breakup, the dramatic and upsetting end of a 7-year relationship.  The healing and ultimate moving on came from a lot of work I did with resetting and transforming my relationship with my space.  In that terribly painful moment, when everything felt unsafe and out of control, I found solace in my space.  It became my constant, my primary relationship in a way, and I transformed it into a vehicle of healing.  As I sorted clothes, I sorted my feelings. I released items that were taking up valuable space in my home as I released painful thoughts and memories that no longer served me.  I reflected on my space and belongings, and the significance of everything in my space.  Each night I came home and looked around my space, removing items that reminded me of a now-soured past, adding pieces of inspiration – I began crafting a space, and by extension, a life that I loved.  Every decision became about what was in the service of my highest self, my happiness, my fulfillment.

Breakup Organizing Fresh Start

The magical thing was that after I went through this journey of reclaiming my space and designing a life I loved, I was serendipitously introduced to others who were longing to do the same. And this is how Breakup Organizing was born. I designed the process based on what I’ve seen is most supportive and healing for those going through this season in their lives.  It’s a carefully curated process built to support you in lovingly releasing the old to make space for the new.

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During the move, my husband took ill and passed away. Sarah helped me put my life, literally and figuratively, back together, again.


How can a “life change” which involves down-sizing half of what you own, moving, and a significant loss, end up with yourself right side up? The answer for me was Sarah Grace.  We began the project with an eye toward moving, and the need to downsize over thirty years (a life time’s worth of de-cluttering, re-organizing, packing and ultimately combining two households into one). Sarah’s, enthusiasm, humor, work ethic, and organizational skills took our work to another level. It was a journey we embarked on together as we decluttered, packed and unpacked. Sarah was first and foremost a consummate professional, always prepared and ready to dive in.   It was, however, her human skills and quiet competence that held and challenged me to accomplish our tasks and get the job done.  Sarah is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat and gracious. Her ability to bring to her work a calming attitude and make “everything come together” is unparalleled. She also is a great multitasker and can effectively handle all situations and projects with grounding and follow-through. During the move, my husband took ill and passed away. Sarah helped me put my life, literally and figuratively, back together, again. I cannot say enough about what Sarah brings to the table. What I initially feared and dreaded in embarking on the decluttering and moving journey turned into an “inspirational” experience because Sarah helped change my life during a time when her skill and humanity were the glue that held me.

– Lauren

About the Breakup organizing process

With our process, we successfully guide you through the difficulty of reclaiming your space through connection, release, reclamation, and empowerment. Breakup Organizing is a journey which allows you to purge with intention and take back ownership of your living space. Here are the steps to begin to Embrace Your Space, once again:

Connect to
Your Space

In this new chapter of your life, how do you envision your space?  What feelings and words come to mind?  Cocoon, sanctuary, fresh start, clarity, nourishment, release from the past, ownership, serenity, healing? We zero in on the relationship you desire with your space and the feeling you want it to evoke.


With our guidance, learn to make decisions about what you want in your space, keeping what serves and supports you, and releasing what no longer has a place in your life.  Every decision you make is aligned with your new chapter and vision.  Through decision-making, you strengthen your ability to be discerning about what earns a place in your space and life.

Your Space

Your vision comes to life as we cleanse and rebuild your space. We lovingly organize and set up your space to reflect you and inspire you, intentionally incorporating meaningful items that have been buried or forgotten about.  Your space now acts as a vehicle of healing as you begin to take ownership of your physical space and emotional health.

Your Space

Finally, together we celebrate that your home is now a sacred space for healing and transformation.  To further support the transformation that has occurred, we’ll establish systems and organizational strategies for you to employ to maintain your renewed space going forward.

connect to your why

Before touching your space, we spend an evening together honing in on what this space has meant to you, how you want to transform it, and why it all matters.


opening ritual

We begin our journey by honoring you and your space. We then work in setting intentions for what is meant to be released, let go of, and what we are intenitonally inviting in.

retreat atmosphere

All distractions are removed to allow you to be fully present during our time together.  Unplugged and released from outside pressures and stressors, you are free to lovingly tend to and reclaim your space.

evening assignments

Each evening throughout our time together, you are given a task for your evening—a self-care practice, a journaling exercise, a massage or evening out on me—all elements designed to support you in re-wiring the way you relate to your space and yourself.

social support

You have the option to invite a few close, supportive friends to one of our days together. We make it a more supportive and nurturing experience where we can further bond with friends and work through your transformation.

closing celebration

We wrap up our transformational journey by celebrating what you have created in your new home. At this point, you deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work and accomplishment.

Start Your Breakup Organizing Process with a Free Readiness Assessment