Hats off to you and your newly organized coupons!

We’re in the final 2 weeks of our challenge!  For those of you just joining our wild west themed 16-week scavenger hunt challenge, you can read more about it and catch up here.  I’ve arranged for this challenge to culminate at the peak of the holiday season, so that you will have given yourself the gift of a clutter-free home for the holidays.  Stick with us for these last 2 weeks, and you’ll be able to start the new year off with a newly organized home!

Today we turn our attention to another category that I see scattered around homes this time of year: our winter accessories. Without a designated home, it’s easy for our hats, gloves, and scarves to land anywhere, junking up our space and making it difficult to find these items when we need them.


Saddle up, put 10 minutes on the clock, and Get Ready…Get set…GO!

1. Grab a bag or box and lasso all the hats gloves, scarves, and other winter accessories you can find.  


2. Spread out the whole kit-and-caboodle.   Sort into categories that make sense for your space and your life.  You may sort by type of item, or by who wears the items.  


3. Take a look at these piles and notice what’s accumulated What’s do you have too many of? How do you feel about each of these items–are you excited to wear them, or do they evoke a more blah feeling?  Do you buy yourself new gloves every year but fail to throw out the old ones? Keep only what you love and know you will wear this season.  Donate or toss any items that no longer fit, or that you have no wish to use any more.

4. For the remaining items, make it easy on yourself to find what you need when you need it. Using the categories you’ve made,  designate a station where all your winter accessories will land and be kept, one central location where these items will always find their way back to.  Keep these items near the door for maximum accessibility.

Time’s Up!  Kick off your boots and congratulate yourself on completing your fifteenth challenge!

**Be sure to tune in next week for the FINAL week of this 16-week wild west themed scavenger hunt de-cluttering challenge!**