Welcome back to our 6-week series on what I consider to be the 6 key habits of organized people.  In thinking about what I could offer you that may have more of a lasting change in your efforts to be more organized, I reflected on what I believe are the key habits of people who live an organized life.  When you embrace these 6 habits and incorporate them into your daily life, I believe you’ll find yourself living a joyfully organized life.

Setting aside time to implement the decisions you’ve made and the priorities you’ve set is imperative.  When I think about the clients of mine who’ve been most successful in getting and staying organized, it’s those who block off time, even 10-minute chunks, to implement the systems we’ve put in place.  Today I challenge you to start making the time to implement what you’ve decided are your priorities, even it’s just 10 minutes here and there.  I believe that this consistent commitment to yourself to follow through will translate into more time and ease in the long run.