I’m excited to finally share with you a project I’ve been lovingly and eagerly working on and which is finally ready to be launched.  Before I tell you about it, however, allow me to back up and share with you why I do what I do.

For me, organizing is more than just about making a space pretty.  I believe that a person’s space can be reflective of his or her mental and emotional state. And I’m not the only one–Yale researchers studied the effect of clutter on a person’s brain activity and found that clutter, as a form of excessive visual stimuli, has a negative affect on your brain’s ability to focus and process information, and leads to distraction and therefore decreased productivity.  I believe that this applies to emotional processing as well.

I’m drawn to working with people who are going through a difficult transition to help de-clutter their space so that they gain clarity, feel expansive, and achieve peace of mind.  It’s an empowering thing to be proud of your space and know that you aren’t a victim of stacks, piles and layers of your stuff. For me, organizing is cathartic and healing, and it calms and refocuses me.  I love introducing others to this process and helping them see how organizing can be a way to get unstuck.

Which leads me to my exciting announcement.  Beginning in May, I will be offering a new service, which I’m calling Break Up Organizing.

Here’s the scenario:

You just ended a relationship.  Breaking up can feel disempowering and painful, and it brings up a lot of insecurities and uncomfortable feelings. Regardless of the details and the circumstances, one thing is for sure:  You’re in control of what happens now.

Post-breakup coping can take many forms, from eating copious amounts of cookie dough, throwing yourself headfirst into a new hobby or fitness plan, setting a personal record for most consecutive days in sweatpants, plowing forward as if unaffected, social isolation, jumping into a rebound fling, or frantically planning a move to another city.  This is just a sampling, but the point is that this is a time when we’re searching for something to give us a sense of comfort and meaning.

So if the cookie-dough-eating and sweatpants-wearing isn’t getting you to a place of empowerment, I invite you to try a new approach.  Get your life in order.  Get organized.  Reimagine your home and transform it into your ideal space that helps you live your ideal life.  Having just let go of a person in your life, this may be the right time to let go of your clutter and anything you’ve been holding on to that no longer serves you.

Surround yourself with only things and people that are helping you live your ideal life. I know how hard it can be to get up the motivation when you’re feeling like you’ve just been run over by a bus. That’s why I’m here to make it fun and easy.   I’m here to guide you in taking an active role in how you build your new life, starting with your surroundings.  We’ll gather a few of your close, supportive girlfriends, some wine, your favorite music, and spend a day or an evening helping your take action by decluttering and reimagining your space.

My mission is to help you set yourself up for success by making your environment a calm, welcoming space, one that enlivens you and helps you move forward, unstuck, and uncluttered, (physically, and emotionally). After our time together, you will feel yourself emerge from a state of uninspired inactivity and into a place of empowered clarity.

Here’s where you come in.  Since this is a new service, I’m offering free Break Up Organizing sessions to 3 people in the New York City area in exchange for testimonials.  If you or anyone you know has ended a relationship and is ready to take the first steps towards reclaiming their space, please email me at sarah@embraceyourspacenyc.com.

Break Up Organizing: Restore.  Reorganize.  Rebound.

Happy Organizing!