I’ve been traveling a lot lately, out on the road on many organizing-related adventures.  In fact, I’ve spent more nights in hotels over the past 3 weeks than I have at home.  While I don’t prefer living out of a suitcase, there are aspects of staying in hotels that I really love.  Today, I invite you to think of somewhere you’ve stayed–a hotel, a friend’s house, or another getaway–that was a space you wanted to embrace.

1. What was it about the space that you liked so much?
For me, I’ve really enjoyed that my hotel rooms felt like clean slates. I felt such a sense of calm from the beautifully made beds, clear and clutter-free surfaces, and squeaky clean rooms.
Ask yourself what’s the feeling you got from the space, and what caused that feeling?

2. How can you replicate that feeling in your own space?
I don’t have maid service to make my bed with fresh linens daily and clean my space, and I don’t want to get rid of the personal items that make my home, well, my home.  However, I can make a few small changes to my routine that will infuse some of the “clean slate” feeling that I’ve enjoyed so much lately.  Here’s what I came up with:
-Consistently clear off surfaces
-Make my bed look and feel more like a luxurious hotel bed
Ask yourself what small and easy changes can you make to bring that feeling to your home?

3. How can you maintain this?
This last step is key in making your desires become your reality.  It’s easy to stop at the “I wish my home felt like this” phase, without taking concrete and sustainable action towards making it happen.  Converting your step 2 changes into actionable steps is what will help you create a space you want to embrace!  Here are mine:
-Spend 10 minutes every evening clearing off surfaces, like my desk, table, and bureau.
-Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen sinks and kitchen counters each morning
-Purchase 2 fun throw pillow for my bed to fancy it up

These changes mean that I will wake up to a clutter-free home each morning, come home to a shiny clean bathroom and kitchen every evening, and fall into a cozy and luxurious bed each night.  And all that from only a few minutes of deliberate action a day–not bad!

What’s your plan? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Organizing!