Do you have any of the following tasks to attend to in your life?
-returns to make
-gifts to mail to a family member
-an article of clothing or a book to return to a friend
-files to bring to the office
-clothing to take to the tailor or the dry cleaner’s

Where do all of these items collect?  How do you feel about that?

Today I want to share with you something I recommend to my clients when helping then de-clutter to create a more functional, organized, serene home.

Typically these items find one of two homes.  First, they can land in the entryway and clutter up the space that greets you and others when entering your home.  Alternatively, they are tucked away out of site, forgotten about, and unattended to.  Neither option is ideal, and I have a third, simple solution to suggest. Consider having a transitional bin for these items.

Choose a container that is relatively small and nice looking.  Here’s why.  Containers are natural limit setters.  When the bin gets filled, you know it’s time to attend to the items.  Additionally, the container is an intentional landing space for homeless items that may otherwise be forgotten about it junking up your living space.  Plus, having them containerized make your space look better.  Keep this somewhere visible where you’ll be confronted by it on a daily basis so that you take action on these items.  Keep receipts with items that need to be returned. Remember, Incompleteness is a form of mental clutter–set yourself up to easily follow through on these items and you’ll feel lighter.

You know that feeling of “there’s something I’m supposed to be taking care of but I can’t remember what”  or “I know there was something I meant to return or drop of somewhere, but I don’t know where or what it is” ? Look to your transitional bin– it is a living, breathing to-do list that you can take action on.

Here’s a picture of my transitional bin.  I currently have a few items that I need to return to various stores the next time I have a free afternoon, as well as a book I borrowed from a friend.  I encourage you to try this!

Happy Organizing!