Happy Summer!

Welcome back to our current organizing campaign, in which I’m addressing the most common, simplest organizational issues my clients come across.  I’ll offer 2 solutions to every problem–1 strategy, and 1 product.  So whether you’re looking for a do-it-yourself approach or an easy ready-made fix, my intention is to offer you a simple solution to a common problem in your space.

Common Problem #5: Rarely used items
It’s easy to lose track of items you only use a few times a year. Make it easy to find these random items by anchoring them to broader categories.

1. Determine which items you frequently misplace.  Here are some I recently freed from junk drawers and piles:

  • keys to my parents house
  • membership/loyalty card for stores I rarely go to
  • back up earbuds
  • metro ticket for the Chicago subway

2. Determine what categories they belong to.  What will you think to look under when you need this item?
3. Anchor these items by storing these items within that broader category  (see mine below)

  • keys to my parents house=travel drawer with my travel-sized toiletries and travel adaptors
  • loyalty card for stores I rarely go to=”accounts” file in my file cabinet
  • back-up earbuds=running gear with my exercise clothing
  • metro ticket for the Chicago subway=travel drawer

Try these stacking bins for categories of items such as travel, checkbooks, iPhone accessories, software, etc. 

(Click on the image for more details and links to the product)

Encountering an especially uncooperative rarely used item?  Shoot me an email and I’m happy to help!

Happy Organizing!