Welcome back to our current organizing campaign, in which I’m addressing the most common, simplest organizational issues my clients come across. I’ll offer 2 solutions to every problem–1 strategy, and 1 product. So whether you’re looking for a do-it-yourself approach or an easy ready-made fix, my intention is to offer you a simple solution to a common problem in your space.

Common Problem #7: Items in Transition
We call have Things That Have To Get Done. Returns, exchanges, donations, repairs, gifts to give, etc. These items have a tendency to collect in inconvenient places or disappear into dark corners and out of our awareness. Make it easy on yourself to take action on these items with a Transition Station.

1. Gather all items in transition. Collect anything that needs to be acted on: clothes to mend or send to the dry cleaner, purchases to return, donations to be dropped off, gifts to mail, a borrowed item to return to a friend.

2. Designate a Transition Station preferably near the door, and somewhere where you’ll be forced to encounter it often. This is not a dumping ground–it’s a landing place until you can take appropriate action on each item.

3. Take action! What sounds reasonable and doable–once item a day until your station is empty? Or perhaps you’re more of a rip-the-band-aid-off-person and prefer to commit to taking care of all items in one fell swoop the next free weekend afternoon you have?

Try this Hanging Sweater Organizer to compartmentalize your transition items as I have.

Hanging Sweater OrganizerHanging Sweater Organizer

Encountering an especially uncooperative Transition Station? Shoot me an email and I’m happy to help!