Here in New York, September can’t seem to make up it’s mind about what season it is.  Summer or Fall?  It’s been flip flopping these past 2 weeks, making wardrobe decisions a tad tricky.  Soon enough though, it will be decidedly Autumn, which means time for sweaters and scarves and boots and cider!  Ok, that last one isn’t clothing, but I couldn’t help myself.  Fall happens to be my favorite season, which is motivation enough for me to bring out my fall clothes asap. Whether or not you are at this stage yet, here are some tips to help you make the switch from summer to fall.

1. Use this as an opportunity to pare down on summer clothes.  Before packing away your shorts, bathing suits, tanks, and sundresses, take stock of everything.  Consider getting rid of anything that no longer fits, isn’t flattering, or that you didn’t wear this summer season.  If you consistently follow this every time you put seasonal clothes away, you will have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love, and that fit and flatter you. Tip: For young kids clothes, set aside those which they’ll outgrow before the next summer season and donate them now.

2. Be smart when storing summer clothes.  Remember to wash your clothes before storing them–dirt and stains not only set in and become permanent, but can also attract insects.  Put the clothes in clean containers, and store them where they won’t be in your way.  (Avoid damp areas and also places with too much light).  Plastic, airtight containers are the ideal storage, because they keep pests and moisture out.  Tip: Roll the clothes rather than folding to minimize creases.

3. Rather than mindlessly unloading your winter clothes into your drawers and closet, be deliberate about which clothes to invite into your wardrobe.  Be ceremonious about this.  Give each item a chance to win you over and to earn its spot in your closet.  Does this piece fit you, flatter you, and make you look forward to wearing it?  Tip: Hold up each item and imagine when you will wear this item.  If you get excited about wearing it and can easily think of situations in which you look forward to wearing it, it stays.   If you shrug when you see an item or can’t remember the last time you wore it, consider letting it go.  I believe that the feeling that arises when you see the item is the mood you will wear when you don it.  Why not take this chance to set yourself up for a fall and winter filled with “I look and feeling amazing” days?  (And don’t forget outfits for those “I’m so cozy” days.)

Happy Organizing!