Welcome back to our 6-week series on what I consider to be the 6 key habits of organized people. In thinking about what I could offer you that may have more of a lasting change in your efforts to be more organized, I reflected on what I believe are the key habits of people who live an organized life. When you embrace these 6 habits and incorporate them into your daily life, I believe you’ll find yourself living a joyfully organized life.

Setting priorities allows you to do what’s most important to you without becoming distracted by the Noise and Chaos. With so much demanding our attention and energy, it’s easy to attend to whatever comes up, rather than what really needs to be done. If you sit down and define your priorities–daily, monthly, or on a larger scale, you’ll find that you’re able to work with more clarity, focus, and effectiveness. Today I challenge you to start setting your priorities, even if at this point it’s just for today. I believe that the more clear you are about what you want, and the better able you are to make decisions, the more intentional and enjoyable your space will be.

Review from Week 1: Have you been exercising your decision-making muscles? Remember that clutter is the result of delaying decisions–cut out the delay and you’ll cut out the clutter.