One of my guilty pleasures is Pinterest. I love browsing for projects to do, recipes to make, and of course, organizing tips to try. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of quick-fix posts along the lines of “life changing household hacks,” “your 1-week guide to organizing absolutely everything,” and “the only organizing products you’ll ever need to organize your entire home instantly.” I’m 5 years into my work as a professional organizer, and in my experience, organizational transformations are never this easy. Just as a 21-day work out plan alone won’t transform your body, a quick organizing guide alone won’t work magic on your space. There’s some fundamental groundwork that needs to be laid in order for tips and guides to take root.

So in thinking about what I could offer you that may have more of a lasting change in your efforts to be more organized, I reflected on what I believe are the key habits of people who live an organized life. Today begins a 6-week series on what I consider to be the 6 habits of organized people. When you embrace these 6 habits and incorporate them into your daily life, I believe you’ll find yourself living a joyfully organized life.

Decision-making is a muscle, and the more you do it, the better you become at it. My definition of clutter is “delayed decisions.” Items pile up because we don’t decide and act on them in the moment, relegating our future selves to deal with them. Today I challenge you to start building your decision-making muscles. I believe that the more clear you are about what you want, and the better able you are to make decisions, the more intentional and enjoyable your space will be.