Welcome back to our 6-week series on what I consider to be the 6 key habits of organized people.  In thinking about what I could offer you that may have more of a lasting change in your efforts to be more organized, I reflected on what I believe are the key habits of people who live an organized life.  When you embrace these 6 habits and incorporate them into your daily life, I believe you’ll find yourself living a joyfully organized life.

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  My mother taught me the KISS principle:  “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.”  All wise words to live by. Whether you’re an aspiring minimalist like me, or simply looking to unplug from chaos and clutter, embracing a simplified life can greatly enhance your quality of life.  Today I challenge you to consider an area of your life that can be simplified, be it your schedule, your entryway, your files, your closet, etc.  Then you know what to do—make decisions, prioritize, set aside time to implement, then go ahead and simplify by getting rid of anything that does not contribute function or joy to your life and space.