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Transitions are opportunities to create your ideal life in your ideal space.

I love guiding people through the process of deciding what items are really meaningful to them, and how to display them in a place of honor, store them accessibly, and organize them for ease and function.  I also love to help people release Stuff that is no longer serving them.  De-cluttering can be incredibly empowering–its liberating to no longer feel owned by your Stuff.

Professional Organization Packages

Simplify Your Space

This one-time option is for you if you’re looking for more of a Do-It-Yourself approach. You’re interested in aconsultation from an expert on how best to use your space and organize your stuff.

  • 60 minute onsite initial assessment of your space
  • Customized action plan tailored to your space and needs
  • Supply recommendations (if applicable)
  • Follow up (by phone or email) to discuss progress

Embrace Your Space

This option is for you if you’re ready to tackle your clutter and you’re looking for guidance and hands-on support throughout the process. You know you’ll benefit from having an expert at your side to ask you the right questions, push you when you’re stuck, and celebrate with you along the way.

  • Customized action plan tailored to your space and needs
  • Hands-on organizational services

  • Supply recommendations (if applicable)
  • 3 hour minimum

Transform Your Space

This is for you if you’re looking to learn about how to approach the process of creating solutions and selecting products to make the best use of your space

You have a small project/space in mind or you’re looking for a solid jumpstart for a larger project. You’re looking for the basics and support to get you started.

  • 60 minute onsite initial assessment of your space
  • “Container Store” date with organizer to pick out supplies customized for your space
  • 3 hours of onsite organizing

Unpack Your Space
(Unpacking Party)

This is for you if you’re relocating and are looking to set up your new space in an organized, functional, and beautiful way.  Why drag this process out over weeks, living amid boxes and chaos when we can whip everything into shape in just 1-2 days?

  • Your belongings are unpacked and organizedin your new home
  • Supply recommendations (if applicable)

Re-Imagine Your Space
(Break Up Organizing)

This is for you if you’ve recently ended a relationship and are ready to take steps to move forward by reclaiming your space.

  • Phone consultation to discuss space and organizational needs
  • Onsite 3-hour de-cluttering and organizing session with a few of your close, supportive friends, some wine, and your favorite music
  • Organizer will guide you in taking an active role in how you build your new life, starting by surrounding yourself with things that are helping you live your ideal life
  • A special surprise gift to complete the empowering space makeover

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