Good Morning, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Hats off to you and your newly organized travel items!

Today we tackle 2 items that have a tendency to scatter themselves all around the home–batteries and lightbulbs.  What’s more, we tend to overbuy these items because we can’t find them or we don’t know the extent of the collection we have.  Save yourself time and money by consolidating and organizing your collection.

Saddle up, put 10 minutes on the clock, and Get Ready…Get set…GO!

1. Grab a bag or box and lasso all the batteries and light bulbs in your home. Don’t forget to check your junk drawers and tool/hardware areas.

2. Spread out the whole kit-and-caboodle. Sort the items into categories.

3. Take a look at these piles and notice what’s accumulated What are you overbuying because you didn’t realize how well stocked your collection is?  Do you have any lightbulbs for light fixtures that you no longer own?  Toss anything that is expired, irrelevant, or something you know you won’t use.

4. For the remaining items, make it easy on yourself to find what you need when you need it next.  Designate a station where these items will be kept, one central location where batteries and light bulbs can be easily stored and accessed.  Store like items with like with boxes or baggies.


Time’s Up!  Kick off your boots and congratulate yourself on completing your seventh challenge.

I’d love to see your progress, so keep those pictures a-comin’! (I’ll always ask your permission before sharing your photos or comments)

Bonanza Bonus:
Dispose of your old batteries and lightbulbs properly.  Here’s what you need to know…


Incandescent Bulbs,  Halogen Bulbs: throw these out, as most cities to not recycle these.
Compact Florescent Light bulbs (CFLs) and Florescent Bulbs should be recycled.  Check out your local recycling services to find a proper facility.
LED Lights: some need to be trashed, but others can be recycled, so check the packaging.


It is now considered safe to throw away non-rechargeable household batteries.  If you prefer, many Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, Best Buy, and Home Depot locations accept old batteries.



For the more adventurous lot, take the next step in this challenge with some recommended organization tips and supplies to complete your challenge with the title of most organized cowboy (or cowgirl) in this town.

1) Battery Boxes keep your collection organized.

2) Battery Tray with Tester allows you to organize and test the charge on your batteries

3) Iris Bins help you sort your light bulbs.  Store by size, room of the house, or any other category that makes sense to you.

Click on the images for links to the products.