Welcome back to the final week of our current organizing campaign, in which I’m addressing the most common, simplest organizational issues my clients come across. I’m offering 2 solutions to every problem–1 strategy and 1 product. So whether you’re looking for a do-it-yourself approach or an easy ready-made fix, my intention is to provide you with a simple solution to a common problem in your space.

Common Problem #8: Junk Drawer
I’ve saved the best for last! Everybody has (at least) one. It’s necessary to have a landing place for miscellaneous items that don’t fit a broader category. By bringing some order to this space, you’ll have a chance of keeping it from becoming a dumping ground for useless items.

1. Dump the contents of your junk drawer onto a table or tray so that you can see everything.

2. Toss anything that is garbage and re-home anything that has a place somewhere else. Remove any items that don’t belong here. This is often the dumping ground for things you don’t actually need to keep and don’t have a use for–give yourself permission to finally toss or donate items whose only role is taking up space.

3. Organize the remaining items by compartmentalizing with little trays or drawer organizers. By giving each remaining item or category a designated spot, it’s more likely you’ll find what you need when you need it, and less likely that junky items will land here.
Try this Everything Organizer to transform your Junk Drawer into a functional space.

Everything Organizer