Today continues a 7-week organizing campaign designed to ease you into the holiday season. Each week, commit to tackling the tiny task I present to you. Pace yourself with us and transform your holidays from frantic from festive. You may think this is all too early, but come mid-December, you’ll be glad you’ve already taken care of all this!

Tip: Start with a blank calendar or page. Fill in all holiday parties and entertaining commitments. Then add in anything else that needs to get done, like sending out cards, coordinating plans with family members, shopping for gifts, and making travel arrangements. See mine below, filled with holiday-related tasks before I fill in my professional and personal commitments. Now we know what to work around in our holiday preparations and planning.

Tiny Task #3

If you’re looking to give gifts this year that won’t add clutter, check out this article with ideas for presents that don’t take up any space.

Follow Up From Week 2: Last week, we compiled our gift list. Next step? Reach out to anyone whom you had a hard time thinking of a gift for and ask them what would bring them joy this year.

Expecting an especially overwhelming holiday season? Email me for a free consultation to learn how you can set up systems to help you navigate your space and logistics during this busy time!