Today continues a 7-week organizing campaign designed to ease you into the holiday season. Each week, commit to tackling the tiny task I present to you. Pace yourself with us and transform your holidays from frantic from festive. You may think this is all too early, but come mid-December, you’ll be glad you’ve already taken care of all this!

Tip: Set aside a block of time this week or upcoming weekend to decorate your space. Make it fun–include the family or invite friends over to help, put on some music and make this a fun, festive occasion rather than a chore. When you pull out your decorations, take note of any old decorations that are no longer useful or relevant and donate, recycle, or toss them.

Follow Up From Week 3: Last week, we mapped out the next 5 weeks. Next step? Update your calendar and make sure to block in some self care and down time during this busy season!

Expecting an especially overwhelming holiday season? Email me for a free consultation to learn how you can set up systems to help you navigate your space and logistics during this busy time!