I have 2 exciting new announcements to share with you!

First, I’m happy to announce that I’m finally ready to unveil my new branding and website, with a fresh new look and more content.  Check it out here.  On a related note, I’m also using a new email server, so please set your inbox to receive emails from me at this new address.


Second, I’m thrilled to report that Embrace Your Space NYC is partnering with the Container Store as part of the company’s new ATHOME organizing services program.  Friends of mine will tell you that the Container Store is just about my favorite place on earth, so landing this opportunity to be one of their go-to organizers is the gig of a lifetime.  (This new program was featured in The New York Times a few weeks ago when we launched!)  As an independent representative, I get to spend my days designing and organizing amazing closets and spaces for busy New Yorkers.  Of course, I’m keeping my own clients and am growing my Break Up Organizing services as well 🙂


In June, I got to visit the world headquarters of the Container Store in Dallas.  Between meeting the president, touring the 1.1 million square foot warehouse, and completing a scavenger hunt in the store (!), it was surreal and amazing.  I felt like a kid in a candy shop. On Christmas.  





I thought I knew a lot about the Container Store before, but I’ve absorbed so much more this past month.  For example, I learned that the stores are laid out in the same way as the website.  This means that whether you’re shopping online or in person, the departments are laid out identically, as are the items within each department, making shopping intuitive and streamlined.  Seems like a small, common sense thing, right?  But I wouldn’t have thought of it, and now that I know, it’s been very helpful.


Which brings me to my organizing tip for this week:  When shopping, you can save yourself time by grouping (or organizing) the items on your list by aisle or department.  Group the produce together, then the dairy, then the canned food, then non-perishables, etc.  The extra minute you take before walking in the the store to group your items will save you time usually spent backtracking and wandering up and down aisles.


Happy Organizing!