Good Morning, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Hats off to you and your newly organized post-its and notes!

Today we turn our attention to a category that is likely building up in your home this month: coupons and discounts.  Our mailboxes and emails are overflowing with offers from vendors that will do us no good buried under a pile or stuffed in a drawer.  Let’s coral them so we can put them to good use this holiday season.

Saddle up, put 10 minutes on the clock, and Get Ready…Get set…GO!

1. Grab a bag or box and lasso all the coupons and discount mailings.

2. Spread out the whole kit-and-caboodle. Your first sort is to distinguish the types of coupons.  For email and digital coupons, organize them into a single folder in your email account or print them out to add to your physical coupons if there aren’t to many.  Consider categorizing by location, so that when you go shopping, all the coupons you need for that trip will be together.  Alternatively, categorize by expiration date so that you’re sure to use them in time.

3. Take a look at these piles and notice what’s accumulated  You may find yourself acknowledging that you have no interest in some of these vendors–consider unsubscribing from these organizations.  Keep only the coupons that you are likely to use.  Toss any coupons and discounts that have expired or that you know you won’t use.

4. For the remaining items, make it easy on yourself to have these at hand when you need them. Using the categories you’ve made, keep them somewhere easy to remember and to access when you’re on your way out.  Keep the batch you’ll be using the soonest in your appointment book or near the door.  Moving forward, consider setting up a system where all of your coupons and discounts can land and be instantly sorted and attended to.

Time’s Up!  Kick off your boots and congratulate yourself on completing your fourteenth challenge!

Wishing you all an ease-filled and organized start to your holiday season!

Happy trails and happy organizing!