Create a comfortable and functional home by de-cluttering and organizing your living and storage areas. 

Increase efficiency and improve performance by conquering your paperwork and create filing and paper management systems. 

Ease into your new home through a process of de-cluttering the old and organizing the new. 

This is the year I finally…

This is the year I finally…

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt Never is this more true than with the start of a new year.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve had conversations with friends, family, clients, and colleagues about what...
Holiday gifts that won’t add clutter

Holiday gifts that won’t add clutter

Today I invite you to give yourself the gift of a simplified holiday season. December brings countless gifts, from the smell of crackling fires, to the delicious holiday treats, from the gift exchanges to the seasonal parties and wacky sweaters.  For many people, this...

Sarah Stimson – Certified Professional Organizer

Sarah Stimpson Embrace Your Space NYC

Do you have a project or transition that is giving you a headache? Are you putting off with dealing with it because you’re unsure of where to start, let alone carry out all that needs to be done?  You’re in the right place. I’m here to let you know that you can sail through this transition with your sanity and peace of mind intact. Imagine: Suddenly, your daunting project is managed with ease and care. You are released from coordinating the logistics, and are offered creative solutions to your space. Your space is transformed from one that produces anxiety into a functional space that you lovingly embrace. How does that sound? Transitions are difficult. I invite you to make it easier on yourself by allowing me to reimagine and organize your space in a way that is functional and beautiful. I will provide you with manageable, effective, sustainable solutions that will bring you peace of mind.

Client Praise

Sarah helped us go through our closets, putting like with like intentionally instead of craftily finding ways to jam each item into a minimal amount of space. We have a better sense of where things are now, with each genre of item accessible according to its frequency of use and by sorting each item intentionally rather than just stuffing it all in, we actually have way more room than before. Sarah really helped inspire and guide us. We both feel much happier in our less cluttered space.
– Gwen and Steve, Los Angeles CA
Sarah made us both feel at home. She was competent, kind, nonjudgmental and had such a relaxed way of dealing with our clutter and with us that we enjoyed, Yes ENJOYED our time with her. We didn’t want her to leave! Sarah went above and beyond the call of duty. She is a dear woman who would be a joy, a comfort and an asset to anyone who is lucky enough to have her help. And to have our home less cluttered and have this guidance is also a peaceful, good feeling. We recommend her highly.
– Art and Anne, New York NY
My closets are beautiful, and I can’t even remember what they used to look like. And I can reach everything! I found clothes I forgot I had because they had been tucked away on a shelf that had been out of my reach for 5 years! Sarah, in addition to being a great designer, is a now someone I can call a great friend. She is kind, professional and personable. This has been a fantastic experience, and I would enthusiastically recommend Sarah to anyone.
– Randi R, New York, NY

Client Success

Take a peak at the transformations Sarah’s clients have experienced. Through a 5 step process, Sarah guides her clients as they made decisions about what’s important to them, letting go of what is no longer relevant, and bringing style and function to what is.

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